Our house was built approximately 100 years ago. It was built by my husbands grandfather Christian Kirk a Danish “finish” carpenter when this area was a frontier wilderness compared to California at the time. I could go on with the history but the object of this story is the longest project.

After moving the house from the center of the land to enable the family to subdivide the property Christian built a third floor with tiny little rooms but never completed it. He added the last exterior dormer at the age of 83. He passed the unfinished project on to his son Edward Ramone Kirk who did a little bit but did not make it a priority. Along came my husband in 1982 Edward Redman Kirk. So far he has managed to:

1. take out interior walls
2. take out the chimney
3. wired the third floor
4. extended the a/c to third floor
5. worked on a bathroom
6. put up some drywall
7. worked on a balcony

My husband is a young 73 years old but has not completed this project. I must say it is slowing down because getting drywall to the third floor is very problematic. He also uses this as he alternate workshop. Help!

Granddaddy started this project but my husband can’t finish it. This has to be the longest project.

Sheren Kirk

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