We changed the finish of our tub hardware and wanted to also change the trip lever stopper system. The tub was installed in the late 1970's and the trip lever never did work. When I removed the overflow plate, I found that there was no linkage attached. I purchaced a new trip lever plate and drain. The linkage was not included so I also purchased a new linkage assembly from Home Depot. When I attempted to install the linkage and cylinder, it stopped at about the top of the bar holding the cylinder. I used an inspection scope and noticed what appeared to be a ledge running completley around the internal pipe. the cylinder hits this ledge and stops. The water drains from the tub just below where the cylinder stopped. Since it has been so long, I do not know the manufacturer of the tub. Are there different sizes to the stopper clinder? The package says for a Price Pfister but, it was the only one they carried and the sales person said that they were all the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.