I need to start building 5 sets of bean bag game boards for my daughters fund raiser. I've built a couple for myself and family and stayed with the smaller 2' X 3' size but her group insists on 2' X 4'. It's suggested to use 3/4 plywood in a lot of plans but that makes them heavy. Their plan is to make them collaspible for storage and re-use. The couple I made I just found a 6" diameter something traced it and cut if with a jig saw. It's OK but a little wavy. I was told a router will work well but I'm not sure how to set it up. I know I can buy a 6" hole saw but after these boards I'll have no use and I do own a router. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on what a good material would be besides 3/4 plywood and cutting out the circles?