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    Red face Solar fan with whole house fan?

    Solar fan with whole house fan? I would like to put in a Natural Light Solar Attic Fan. My wife thinks I shouldn't because we have a louvered whole house fan in our upstairs hall and she feels it will pull all our downstairs window air conditioning into the attic. My feeling is I want to get that heat out of the attic automatically by thermostatic controls so we don't have to use our upstairs bedroom window air conditioner as often. Would this be achievable if I were to increase the number of soffit vents to go along with my ridge vent, so it won't draw from the downstairs air so much thru the whole house louvers? Thanks Rick
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    Default Re: Solar fan with whole house fan?

    Hi, I'm am by no means an expert on this but I was always told that if you have a ridge vent, and proper soffit venting...that this should be sufficient for pushing heat out of an attic. Any supplemental fans, exhausts, etc., just mucks up the system. ALSO, from my research, I've found that many, if not all of these solar powered exhaust fans are underpowered so that they actually do not move that much air anyway. I was looking into the same things that you are and have found that my existing system is probably my best bet. Good luck!

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