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    Default sump pump issues

    I have two sump pumps in my basement laundry room. One for outside storm water only which discharges outside and a second that cares for a washing machine and floor drain. This second sump pump discharges into an overhead waste line that from comes from the kitchen. Both sumps have regular sump pumps and neither has a sealed lid. It's been this way since we moved in 14 years ago - house is now 37 years old - and i've probably replaced each pump twice. There is no trap on the washer/floor drain sump. We've been noticing a sewer smell lately and I'm wondering if the washer sump needs a trap and or sealed sump cover. Both sumps are hard plastic and neither look like that are designed to be sealed. Also, since the the one pumps washing machine waste water (the floor drain gets very little use) into our sewer system is a regular sump the right piece of equipment?

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    Default Re: sump pump issues

    You could try putting on a trap. I would only take 10 minutes and cost a few bucks.

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