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Thread: Lawn of weeds

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    Default Lawn of weeds

    My yard is waterfront on a river that opens out to the Chesapeake Bay. My lawn is full of weeds. Can you give me the name of a weedkiller that is environmentally friendly and won't harm the water? Then, can you offer another "friendly" fertilizer to develop the lawn?

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    If your lawn is so full of weed, it would make more sense to clear it all and start from scratch. You'll get better results this way no matter what size lawn you have.

    1. Use Roundup to kill everything and wait.
    2. Remove the dead weed with a shovel, hoe and whateverelse.
    3. Consult a local nursery to find out some of the best fertilizers for your type of soil, weather etc.
    4. Till the area and mix with the fertilizers.
    5. Rake, rake, rake.
    6. Seed.
    7. Rake.
    8. Water.
    9. Enjoy your new lawn in 10 days or so.
    10. Maintaining a lawn takes work too, or it will look exactly like the old lawn very quickly.

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    Default Re: Lawn of weeds

    I mow mine to the same height and call it "bio-diversity"

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    Default Re: Lawn of weeds

    Hi Sue,

    I spent 2 years trying to kill my lawn before bringing in 80 yds of screened, "clean" top soil for berms etc. The sod came and after a couple of summers I'm noticing "quackgrass," "thistle" and some kind of spreading "ivy-like" weed, ruining my lawn. I got very angry as you could imagine. I began to look at herbicides. The very best post-emergent herbicide for my lawn is Quincept. I purchased it on Ebay. One little bottle per 2-gallon sprayer. Work WONDERFULLY on every nasty weed with the single exception of quackgrass. I am trying to find something besides Roundup for quackgrass, but for everything else I recommend Quincept. I watched a good video on "This Old House" about battling crabgrass. I thought it was good and I'm going to do what it recommends. I have a few areas now on my lawn that have areas of quackgrass. Although quack isn't the same, ugly, grass as crab, it nonetheless grows 3-4x faster than the bluegrass/fescue mix and the color is bright green, which still looks horrible. So, before I try Roundup again for spot killing, I think I'll use a power rake after hand-pulling all the clumps I can and then over seed with a good mulch and hope the good seed smothers the quackgrass. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

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