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    Default Broken Door Knob


    I have a door in my 1910 house that is stuck shut. This just happened the other day, the doorknob was working fine before that...

    The doorknob itself will turn normally, but it isnt engaging the latch/bolt. I can remove the knob and square shaft (b/c the setscrew on the otherside was already missing), and I can physically turn the square "receptacle" (for lack of a better term) with a screwdriver. The receptacle turns freely, but doesnt engage the latch.

    I need some suggestions for opening the door?? Any help is appreciated!


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    Default Re: Broken Door Knob

    Get the hinge pins out (there should be 2 or 3 of them) - and the door will come out.

    Next, remove the old hardware (lock) from the door, place the door back on the hinges, insert the pins back in and install an all new lock.

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    Default Re: Broken Door Knob

    did someone accidentally push one of the buttons on the lock's edge? When you take out the hinge pins, look for those buttons. Push them (it) one at a time until the lock works again.

    If there are no buttons or that doesn't work; take the lock out then take it apart. You'll find a lever has come off or is stuck.

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    Default Re: Broken Door Knob

    If the one you have is like mine, a black box mounted on one side of the door, look for a pin just below the knob that slides. It is easy to hit when you turn the know and that locks the door.

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