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    Default acid wash vinyl siding???

    I just had a potential customer ask me if I acid wash vinyl siding. I have 20 years in the business and have never heard of that. My paint rep, also 20 years in the business has never heard of it either. Anyone know of this? What acid, what ratio, and what does it do???

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    Default Re: acid wash vinyl siding???

    I've heard of acid wash pool plaster, concrete, blue jeans...but not vinyl siding. Maybe other painting experts know about this.

    Ask the customer if he means 'power wash'.

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    Default Re: acid wash vinyl siding???

    Just curious as to what the customer hopes to accomplish by acid washing the vinyl siding? Did it get splashed with some caustic material? Cement or stucco?

    In any event, Behr's All-In-One Wood Cleaner states that it is also suitable for cleaning vinyl or aluminum siding. It is a solution of oxylic acid and enzymes. It should be effective in removing such things as hard water deposits and rust or red clay stains. It is a terrific cement cleaner. I use it on my driveway and concrete patios every year.

    If the surface is simply being cleaned, rather than prepared for painting, you have to be careful about streaking the surface. Generally, you wet the wall down first, then spray the surface with the solution starting from the bottom up. Don't let the solution dry on the surface . Keep it wet until rinse down is finished. The solution alone should clean the surface, but wiping it down with a sponge or soft brushe would help.

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