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Thread: outlet problems

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    Default outlet problems

    I have an old house that only has 2 wires to the outlets. All of a sudden I have 2 switches for the lights that quit working. One of the switches has 2.1 volts and the other has 0 volts. One day they were working and then just quit. the 2.1 volts is rather confusing. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    First thing to check is your circuit breaker panel. Look at the connections, breaker condition, switch them off and on, make sure that they are on. If you notice breakers not to be in perfect condition, replace them. This job maybe for a pro.

    Second, look at the switches, see how the wires are connected (to the screws or to the back of the switches), check the condition of the wires. Again, if you are not confident, call a pro.

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