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    Default framing and insulation

    Hi, I have a bi-level home which is partially below grade. The lower level was gutted and now only has cinderblocks with a couple of windows. The walls were previously paneling and without any insulation. I would like to frame the room and would like advice on the type of studs that should be used (wood or metal). The home was previously impact by flooding but we have since fixed the drainage issues on the outside of the home. However, just in case we should run into problems with flooding in the future, which studs would be beneficial to this room? Also, what type of insulation is recommended for a bi-level home and is a moisture barrier recommended? I feel that if a moisture barrier were to be installed it may trap moisture between the cinderblock and the barrier. Wouldnt this be creating a environment for mold growth? Any advice would be greatly appreciated so we can move forward with renovating appropriately. Thanks :-)
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