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    Default Brown water = dry well?

    While watering the garden today I noticed the water was cloudy. Later in the day the water from house faucets and in toilet turned brown - I live in upstate NY and we had lower than normal snowfall this year but no drought alerts or anything locally. I have a 110' well (drilled about 10 years ago). Are there other likely explanations?

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    Default Re: Brown water = dry well?

    When a well is first drilled, it is drilled a lot deeper than the depth of the pump. In other words, the pump does not go all the way to the bottom. This allows space for the sediment in the water to settle into. If the space under the pump has filled up with sediment, you will get brown water.

    Brown water can also be a sign of a lowering water table. I assume that you have a filter for the rest of the house or you are drinking bottled water now.

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    Default Re: Brown water = dry well?

    Worth buying for all is "Wells and Septic Systems" by Max and Charlotte Alth. Please note that this is an older book and while codes have changed, most info found in here is still up-to-date. It explains in terms anyone can understand how these things work and what you need to do to make or maintain them.

    Yes, a well needs maintenance, and not just the pump! 'Developing' the well may not cure everything but it's always a good start and will fix many ailments of wells- and it may fix yours. The process is easy, is done from above, and is well explained in the book. Best is that you will now understand what's going on and why so that you can address any remaining problems correctly and at the least expense.


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