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    Default crumbling plaster

    What causes interior plaster walls to crumble and bubble? House ~ 55+years old, in the very humid South. No cracks. Just bubbling and crumbling. Thanks. Sylvia

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    Default Re: crumbling plaster

    Water getting in somewhere. Roofing, plumbing, HVAC condensate line, roof vent, window flashing, ice damming, etc.
    Bubbling is usually the result of long-term moisture, not a single event. It has to be tracked down because it is also going to harm the framing.
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    Default Re: crumbling plaster

    Yes, you have to find the source of the moisture. You will have to play detector here.

    The fact that you live in a very humid area makes the situation worse.

    Remove the crumbling plaster to expose the framing and inspect. If the framing members are wet, continue to look (in all places including the attic) until you find the source and fix it, before you repair the plaster.

    If the framing members are dry, you will need to address the humidity issue.

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