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    Default Re: Getting out cat pee smell???

    We had cat pee on sofa cushions. We soaked them in vinegar and let them dry. Then we dumped hydogen peroxide on them and let them dry. No more smell!

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    Default Re: Getting out cat pee smell???

    I have dogs. Cat urine carries a little more smell. I always have a bottle of PEE PEE, you can buy it at Petco. It neutralizes the odor so the cat will stop going in the same place. No odor, no mistakes. hopefully they will take it outside after a while.

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    Default Re: Getting out cat pee smell???

    Boy oh boy do I have some experience with this! I don't have a cat but I do have a VERY stubborn dachshund puppy who pretty much uses any carpet as his own personal bathroom. I tried steam cleaners, woolite, even home remedies that I got off the internet and honestly nothing worked. My neighbor, also a proud wiener dog owner, told me to try this stuff called Nature's Miracle. It smells like lemon and is supposed to remove the staind AND the smell. It also apparently is supposed to make them not want to got there again but I don't know about that one. You should be able to get it any pet store. Hope this helps!

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