We have been living in the same house for about 8 years now. Three years ago we took in a cat who was fine for about a year until our son came along. At that point she started acting out and peed in several spots. We noticed a smell, but could not pinpoint the problem at first, and eventually we figured it out and got rid of the cat.

There were two rooms that were hit the worst. In the first on the main floor, the cat would pee on the carpet and in the heat duct. With an unfinished basement I was able to easily access the heat run and replace 15 feet of the duct work. I ripped out the carpet and coated the Zinsser BIN primer and then had new carpet installed. There is still an off odor in the room and cannot figure that out. I have not done anything to the second room yet, but we are expecting child #2 soon and I will need to fix the second room.

Does anyone have any advice on getting rid of the cat pee smell? I don't want to take out subfloor and drywall, but if that is the only option I will attempt to figure it out!

ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I am sick of a stinky house!!!