I have a house that was built in the 1940s. My heating system is a circulating hot water system with cast iron radiators. I was remodeling the bathroom and had the old radiator removed for blasting and powder coating. After the radiator was powder coated, a pin-hole leak was discovered. Everyone advised that I don't try and have it fixed. Since then, I've been trying to get some sort of replacement.

One contractor is saying, only use another cast iron radiator system. Another contractor is saying I can use a low profile radiator (picture looks like a slant-fin baseboard) that is stainless steel. I can't figure out who to believe. I'm concerned the baseboard will not provide adequate amount of heat.

The bathroom is small, 52 sq ft. One other complication, I have to work with the existing piping which are 36 inches apart, so maximum length of the system is about 30 inches. BTW, I live in southern Virginia, where the winter temps don't normally go below 25 degrees.

What questions should I be asking? Will a small baseboard system work in this room? Can I mix the baseboard system with the cast iron radiators?

Thanks for the help.