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    1940's home in san antonio, tx. home made of cinder blocks and has stucco. interior walls sweat during cold winter days with recent new windows. walls are masonary walls, no sheetrock or insulation. how can i properly correct this problem?

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    You will need to either insulate the walls or dehumidify the interior. Dehumidify is not really a good option because dry air in the winter can be uncomfortable.

    If you own the home, then I would recommend that you have the exterior stucco removed, add 2 to 4" of foam board over the walls, then stucco over that. You might get buy with leaving the stucco on if that would save money. Make sure the ceiling is well insulated as well.

    If you are renting, then dehumidify is the only practical option. BTW, what kind of heat do you have? radiator? forced air? baseboard?

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    Does it happen in every wall or just in one particular wall?

    If it's only one wall, I recommend applying THOROSEAL waterproffing material. It comes in gray or white and once mixed with water, glides on like paint over the exterior stucco. The best product I've ever used for this purpose.

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