I recently remodeled my family vacation home and update the whole house. The fixtures and elements were from the 70's so it needed much updating. We have had some plumbing issues in the bathroom and kitchen. In the bathroom, the water will carry an electric charge and shock you while washing your hands, or while in the shower. I have had someone tell me they think the water is moving at such a fast and larger rate that it is now carrying an electric charge. The old shower was old and did not have great water pressure so not a lot of water was coming through. The new shower has the rain head on the ceiling. Also we seem to run through hot water very quickly..a 60 gallon water tank and showers can only last 15-20 minutes at most. It is possible for the water to carry an electric charge from the high speed movement and what can be done to stop it. Does running out of hot water so quickly have something to do with it?