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    Default Modify cabinets before painting them

    I plan on painting my kitchen cabinets which are old, made of composite material with a veneer of some hardwood. The edges are beveled and I want to get away from that look so I want to trim three of the edges square and then add hardware.
    What should I do to seal up the edges before painting them? I'm sure the composite material will suck paint like a sponge.

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    Default Re: Modify cabinets before painting them

    I would caution against cutting the doors. Most of the time they barely cover the opening as it is, if you trim the bevel off, you'll have even less door.

    As for painting, paint shouldn't affect the core of the doors. You will want to wash them with TSP (in the paint department ) and rinse them thoroughly. Once dry, use a good primer such as Zinnser's Bull's Eye 123 (blue label ) before applying two top coats of your favorite paint.
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    Default Re: Modify cabinets before painting them

    My preference for sealing particle board, MDF type materials, is an oil based primer. Water based primers tend to swell up the material. Cover Stain is one such product from Zinsser. It is a fast drying primer which can be top coated in about an hour. I would give those raw edges a couple coats of primer before the finish coat. Sand with a fine grit paper such as 220 and you should get a pretty good looking edge. The little fine knap throw-away rollers work well for doing edges.

    Also, when cutting particle board, you will need a fine toothed, carbide blade designed for such material to get a really smooth cut without tear out. They tend to be rather pricey.

    Set up yur shop vacumn to try to catch the dust. Particle board gives off a really fine dust when sawn. It goes everywhere!

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