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    Default How do you make slopes with pavers?

    How do you make slopes with pavers?

    I have a 11 inch drop between two levels of 250 sft patio areas. I plan on using pavers, but instead of stairs, I'd like to have a slope (easier for wheelchair and other access). Can someone direct me to some How-To's or videos that show how to make a slope with pavers? Do you have to cut the pavers or something?


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    Default Re: How do you make slopes with pavers?

    There is actually a code for whellchair access. Check with your local building department.

    In my city, a 1 foot rise requires 5 feet of length, at a min. What does it mean? it means that the slope must be very mild. In such a slope you can install the pavers the same way you install them on a flat surface.

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    Default Re: How do you make slopes with pavers?

    The slope that you get is all about the ground that you are working with. Whatever you want the finished slope to be, dig down into the ground keeping in mind space for aggregate or anything that you will use as a base for the pavers. Key point being that you slope the base not changing the paver thickness.
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