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Thread: Sawhorse plans

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    Default Sawhorse plans

    Going back to season one, Tom Silva and Steve Thomas built sawhorses from scraps of lumber. I had this on vcr, but am unable to find this particular tape since we have moved. Is it possible to get the printed plans for these?
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    Default Re: Sawhorse plans

    Not sure of the TOH availability, but saw horses are a pretty basic thing and general plans on the internet are plentiful.
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    Default Re: Sawhorse plans

    To add to Spruce's suggestion, you can save time and money and buy professional quality sawhorses at the big stores. They are cut and put together with precision and come in many shapes, designs, qualities and prices.

    My friend uses a Black n Decker sawhorse. I use a homemade one from scrap lumber. His is like a Cadillac and mine just does the job.

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