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    Default Green Goo on the old hardwood floors. How do I remove it?

    We took the horrible orange carpeting up in the 1930's house that we just purchased. There are beautiful hardwood floors underneath. The green padding that was under the carpeting has turned into almost a clay type substance. Some of it comes up easily, bit other parts (especially in heavy traffic areas) has hardened. It is removable, but it is quite difficult. Is there a product out there that will help soften this old padding for easy removal?

    You can see the photo here:

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    Default Re: Green Goo on the old hardwood floors. How do I remove it?

    I am shootin blind here, but I would try using a hairdryer to warm up the residue first, then sc**** with a plastic sc****r. A heat gun would be faster, but you will have to be careful not to scorch the surface. If you go to one of the Big Box stores, they have samples of Formica for free. These make very good sc****rs. Their edges are fairly sharp, yet will not scratch the finish.

    If it comes fairly clean, I would try using mineral spirits to get rid of the rest of the residue. You could use white scrubby pads to aid in cleaning. The white pads are more gentle than the green ones.

    Finally, you will probably have to give a refresher coat of varnish. Since you don't know exactly what was used originally, I would make a test patch, let it cure for 24 hours and then see if you can scratch it off or pull it off with masking tape.

    If there are bonding problems, you can seal the floor first with a universal sealer. This is basically de-waxed shellac. De-waxed shellac will stick to almost anything and almost any product will stick to it, including modern polyurethane varnishes, either water based or oil based.

    Obviously, the ultimate finish would be obtained by sanding to bare wood and starting over.

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    Default Re: Green Goo on the old hardwood floors. How do I remove it?

    If you can't tolerate the smell of mineral spirit (paint thinner), use Goo Gone or Simple Green.

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