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    Default Bathroom Cold Water Supply Not Working

    Hi ya'll! I'm a beginner in the world of plumbing and have a question.

    I turned off the hot and cold water supply under one of my bathroom sinks and it remained off for several weeks. When I turned the water back on, the cold water isnt working. The supply line handle turns, but no cold water comes through. I tried turning off the hot water, and then no water flows into the sink.

    I'm not much of a plumber but it seems to me one of a few things:
    1. I somehow damaged or broke the water supply line
    2. There is something blocking the water supply line

    A few notes which might be foolish, but I thought it might help with diagnosis.

    Bathroom was added on in 2000, so the plumbing is "new", at least by TOH standards!
    Cold water is still flowing to the toilet, sink and tub, so it seems to this beginner that it's a problem of the plumbing under the sink specifically.

    How should I start in terms of diagnosing and fixing this problem? Is this a beginner/simple fix, or should I call in a pro?

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    Default Re: Bathroom Cold Water Supply Not Working

    it sounds like your shut of valve is broken or the washer in it has dislodged and is blocking the water flow. first disconnect the water supply that goes from the shut off valve to the sink. put a bowl under the vavle and try turning it on partially and see if some water comes out. if water flows freely then something between the valve and the cold water handle on the sink is blocked. if no water comes out then chances are pretty good that the valve is broken or blocked. if that's the case, shut off the water at the main in the basement, drain the pipes by turning on a faucet in the basement . cut the pipe behind the shutoff valve and buy a new compression vavle and you can install it yourself easily. the employee at the store can show you how to attach it. if that doesn't fix your problem then it's time to call a plumber but i'm sure you can do it yourself.

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    Default Re: Bathroom Cold Water Supply Not Working

    Let me add something to MLBSF's answer:

    What kind of water pipes do you have? If you have galvanized steel pipes, there is a good chance that they are rusted away with constricted water passages.

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