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    Question Tile glued directly to my basement floor!

    We recently bought our house in November of last year (2011) and noticed that our basement floor grout wasn't sealed . Progressively we began to check things out before we went on taking care of the situation beings the whole house wasn't taken care of very well. After a short while of owning the home the tiles began to break as weight was put on them . We found out the person who laid the tile had no experience with tile and it was glued directly to the concrete and very unevenly! There is still lots of good tile, but lots of cracked tile. They are 6in tile. We want to tear all of it up and would like to try and save all the tile possible to use in another room if we can! Can we save any of it? How do we get it out? What do we do? I am guessing it is probably a lost cause to try and take it out. But wondered also if we could do something on top of it? Would that be the better answer? Just cover it up with something better?
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