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    Default Sand burr nightmare

    I take care of my grandmas large yard and it is overrun with sand burr stickers. These little suckers are horrible!! Does anybody out there know how to deal with these stickers from hell?????

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    Default Re: Sand burr nightmare

    You have to recognize what the flower looks like before it becomes a burr. I am not familiar with a sand burr, but last year I noticed a pretty petite little flowering weed. I left it alone thinking that it is harmless, but it produced a little burr, millions of them, and they stick like velcro with adhesive. They would stick to the cats fur and to any body hair, however fine, and they would grip like you wouldn't believe. They could not be removed without pulling out hair.

    This year, when that weed began to flower, I sprayed with Round Up. Since, every time I see that little flower, I go and immediately pull it up. Its going to be a battle as it is growing wild in the fields around here. I believe it is new to this area as I have lived here for 25 years and last year was the first time I saw it.

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