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    I have an issue with my a/c. I've noticed a leak that has gotten progressively worse over time. Some leaks I can fix with a little bleach poured down the drain pipe, but this one seems to be coming from behind our internal unit. HELP!

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    Is it leaking from the primary drain pan or the secondary drain pan?? Either way check your PVC drain connections where the glue may have failed. Also a little more info might be nice, can't see it from here.

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    If you are not familiar with HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, if you don't have the tools and are not particularly mechanically inclined, then your best bet would be to call a HVAC contractor in your area and have a "seasonal tune up" done. Look in the yellow pages for contractors that service your brand of HVAC and call to get estimates. It should be under $100.

    If you have some tools and are mechanically inclined, but not familiar with HVAC systems, then do the same, but be home when the service man arrives and watch everything he does. He should clean both the inside and outside coils as well as the inside drain pan and drain line.

    You might even see a partial recoup of your investment in increased operating efficiency of the AC. You might also include the heating part of the system as well as it might be cheaper to have it all done at once.

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