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Thread: toilet rocking

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    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    But seriously, let me emphasize something that Spruce mentioned:
    never over tighten the hold down nuts (and plastic washers) - you will crack the ceramic toilet.
    Aw! You were listening!

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    Properly set, installed and fastened toilet doesn't even need caulking, we just caulk for looks.
    Me too. Don't know if there are any local codes on the subject, and quite frankly on this matter I seriously don't care! We have far bigger concerns in this world than if a toilet has been caulked.

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    Gizmo, a seat belt is a good idea...
    Suggest it to the FLORIDA building department.
    Don't you dare even suggest this! Lord knows that the morons in charge are already planning air bag safety systems for toilets! Lest we mention automated flush systems to prevent hang nails while pushing the flush lever. This, of course, on top of anti-slip systems so that the occasional inadvertent overflow won't cause a slip hazard. Oh, and anti-slip shoes should also be mandatory in a bathroom ... and grab bars on all walls, you know, just in case. In fact, bathrooms should be outlawed because they are a dangerous place where people could potentially injure themselves, we should go back to outhouses, you know, just in the interests of public safety~!
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    Default Re: toilet rocking


    You know, some of the things you listed can actually save some elderly people from getting severe injuries (sometimes deadly). I don't know if they should be made into laws, but they can prevent a lot of misery.

    Just like people baby proof their homes when a new baby arrives. Common sense.

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