After the trials and tribulations of ripping out everything in the kitchen and building it back, I am ready for the penultimate step (just before the range slide-in ceremony): installing a new range hood.

The old range hood was part of a microwave, which was built into the cabinets. The new kitchen design has only base cabinets and some floating shelves. The new hood is a nice stainless unit that goes flush to the wall. The problem is that the 6" vent duct runs smack dab into a rafter.

It seems to me I have two choices: build out a spacer from the wall to mount the hood to. I'll need to bring the hood out out about 2" to make the vent fit right. This still gives plenty of room between the front of the hood and the front of the range. I'm concerned about aesthetics.

The second option is to fabricate an offset reducer that fits the decorative vent housing but does not restrict flow. My idea is to take the duct from 6" to 3", offset from the wall, and have the 3" go into a 3 1/4-by-8" rectangular box (the vent housing does not have any extra space) that travels up past the rafter (about 10") and then flare back to the 6" vent pipe up to the cap. The entire vent length will be ~6 feet. I am concerned that the restriction might not be a successful option.

Any opinions?