Our modest 1880s New England Italianate house had the porch enclosed sometime back in the first half of the last century. Unfortunately they put in inoperable windows so it bakes in the summer. We'd like to replace the windows with old fashion gliding porch windows, something in keeping with the character of the house. This is a three season, unheated porch, so we're not worried about double pane glass and weather stripping, which rules out any of the prefabricated windows. I have been unable to find any information on the best design to use to build these windows so that they slide most easily. I'm looking for suggestions on where I can find information on constructing these windows. I have located a place that will manufacture the sash, so it's designing the track and frame that I'm interested in learning more about.

We are going to hire a contractor to do the work, but none I have talked to have any experience with this, so I want to give them some guidance rather than pay for them to guess.

There aren't many of these type of windows where I live (most have been enclosed with aluminum storm windows) so I can't go look at other houses to see how they were made.

Any advice would be appreciated.