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Thread: Uneven floors

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    Exclamation Uneven subfloor

    I am trying to install 3/4 solid hardwood floors in my house but have run into the problem of a 3/4 dropped in one area of the floor just 32 inches over from the high spot. It is not a sag in the subfloor between the joists but appears the floor joists are not all the same size they vary by a 1/4 inch and some are slanted and bowed. I was thinking are sister the joist due to allot of bounce in the floor and trying to set the joist straight while I sister them. Does this sound like an a good plan? Also is there any way to remove plywood(subfloor) that has been glued and nailed to the joist.

    Also all the joist are level on the bottom perpendicular and long ways.

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    Howdy ,sistering the joists to take the bounce out is a workable solution. You can simply use a circular saw and cut the sub floor area plywood free then pry the material up with a crowbar to separate it from the joist. If one joist is bowed up plaining it flush and sistering has worked on many a floor.

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    It may also be that some of the joists have crowns up and others have the crown down.
    If you sister on to the joists make sure you keep all the crowns up.

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