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    Default Spot painting a repaired ceiling

    just repaired a 3' x 4' area of a sheetrocked ceiling - now I need to paint the area - I have finished mudding the area and am ready to paint - my question is how do I blend in the new paint with the existing since the existing is 10 years old and this is in the kitchen - the ceiling is white and clean. Any tips on how best to fether it in so I don't have to repaint the entire ceiling? Thanks

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    Default Re: Spot painting a repaired ceiling

    Repaint the entire ceiling. I know of no way to feather in the new paint job. You'll always be able to see the color difference, particularly after 10 years, not to mention the texture, and "flash" of the paint.

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    Default Re: Spot painting a repaired ceiling

    No way around repainting the whole thing. Start by applying two coats of primer and two coats of paint over the patched area first, then apply two coats over the entire ceiling, patch included. This will give you the best results.
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