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    I'm going to be putting a new floor down in my kitchen. Currently, there are 3 layers of sheet flooring (I can't remember if it's vinyl or linoleum). I've sent samples of all 3 layers off to the lab for asbestos testing and the results are what I expected. The top layer is fine but the bottom 2 layers contain asbestos. I'm looking at removing the top layer of flooring and installing tile over top. I know normally you're supposed to rough up the flooring and apply an adhesive before you screw the backer board down. I really don't want to rough up a floor containing asbestos. Other than screwing the backer board down, what can I do to assure the backer board stays put?

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    I don't know who told you to scuff the floor before screwing down CBU but they were wrong. There is no need nor desire to.

    To properly install CBU over a wood substrate, first apply some thinset with a 1/4" notched trowel then screw or nail down each sheet. If using nails, only hot dipped roofers or ring shanked flooring nails are good as electroplated nails can pull out easily and drywall screw heads snap off.

    You'll fare well by heading over to the John Bridge Tile Forum where you can start your own thread for this project. There is an extensive library and a "deflecto-lator" to check to see if your floor joists will handle tile at all. Tell them we sent you.

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