L-o-n-g story short...my husband and I are huge savers, but we finally broke down and decided to spend some money on a house that was going to be torn down in our town. While it depleted our savings and also took some additional financing, we decided to go ahead and move forward with this one-time chance as this cute little home that was going to be torn down to make room for some apartments would be a super, cost-effective solution to our problem of needing home office, guest and children's rec spaces. We checked our closing papers on the house to check on restrictions, filed all necessary permits/paperwork with the city, got our clearance and hired a mover to move the house to our 1.5 acre lot. YIIIPPPPEEEE! We were so excited...what a blessing!

Well, imagine our dismay when 6 days after the house is set on the foundation we had papers delivered to us by our neighbors' attorney. We have now found out that our title company failed to provide us a 3 page document which outlined the 1969 covenants for our neighborhood which states that "no old houses can be brought in". Whhhaaatttt???!! No neighbor ever said anything to us while the house was sitting on the truck and could have been removed before being set (which would have saved us about $20,000) and the neighbors involved in the potential lawsuit would not agree to let us keep our cute little house even knowing what upgrades both inside and our were going to be done. (Ironically...no neighbors that brought forth the potential lawsuit have been to our property or had a conversations with us and a great many of the other neighbors didn't even know the house was on the property until the lawsuit became public because the mover nestled the house just where we wanted it in some trees in the back corner of our yard). Well sadly...in order to not be sued and faced with paying both the neighbor's as well as our court costs with the chance of losing our case, we had to have the mover come back and get our cute little house just 3 months after bringing it in.

So...here's our huge dilemma - - we are self-employed parents of 4 that drained all of our economic resources to make this house happen, but are now left with an ugly and hazardous stemwall foundation in our back yard (the house was a pier & beam style home). While we can't "bring in an old house", we can re-build from the ground up the same style house which we intend to do since we now have a foundation shaped in a certain way in our yard. Are there some cost-effective ways to build a small (1000 square feet) house on-site? We watch home improvement shows consistently and are big DIY folks, but is a house really something we can tackle on our own?!

We live in North Texas and so I don't know if this is a help or hinderance with regards to materials, building practices/styles, etc. I have been watching home improvement shows, surfing around the TOH website, etc. trying to see what economic options I have but I'm just not seeing a clear-cut path. Any ideas?!