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    Default replacing leaking deck

    I have a deck that also doubles as roof for a room below and it leaks and needs to be replaced. I plan on using plywood for the deck and I am leaning towards Gaco deck to waterproof it. I read in one of the other posts that you suggested painting or at least sealing the underside and the edges I assume. What would be good for that. Next item will be the railings, I live in the foothills of California below the snow line. My plan is the apply paint, sealant or what ever to all parts before I install them. I am at a loss as what would the best thing to use. My original idea was to paint it all and then cover it with a U.V. resistant product. I would like what ever I do last forever, short of that as long as possible with minimal attention. I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Thank You Dave
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