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The OP has a cabin which I assume has an overhead service cable. Still, how does he check whether his service cable can handle 200amps ?

When I lived in Silicon Valley, PG&E told me that I had to pay to upgrade the underground service wire (trenching) if I upgrade to 200a from 100a. When I heard "trenching", I gave up the idea. Around the time I moved from SV, my neighbor did trench to replace the service wire on his property when he upgraded to 200amp. From my own experience, I knew just to replace the service panel (which was outside in our tract house) for 200amp was $2,000. I was guessing the trenching & cable replacement was $5,000 more.
It's really not a question of how big the overhead service cable is because the power company rates their wire a whole lot different than the NEC (Code).

I once upgraded the service to a church and had copper wire 1" in diameter at the service drop. The power company wanted to hook up with 5/8" aluminum. I had to call in their boss and argue, for them to upsize their wire.

If I would have let them use wire which was too small the church would have had very high voltage when their demand was small and very low voltage when their demand was high. Lights would burn out with high voltage and motors would burn up when the voltage was low.