My husband and I purchased our home 4 years ago. As part of the process we were told that the septic tank had been pumped. We were under the impression that with proper usage it would only need to be pumped every 5 years or so.
Flash forward we are having all kinds of plumbing trouble in the house that can be linked to you guessed it that old tank needs pumped badly. Well I took the plumber to the spot where the former homeowner told us the clean-out was located...after digging down about 3 feet we agreed that it could not be there, and if it is, the system is 1)older than we were led to believe and 2)had not just been pumped 5 years ago.
All of this being said I know we are just going to have to swallow the cost and pay for them to bring a back hoe in, but is there a way that I can do the locate myself without any special equipment?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.