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As someone who hosts a forum using this software, there is a constant vigilence against spammers who register and post topics with pictures and links.

Having noobs unable to post links and pics until they have a certain number of posts is the first line of defense.

Another tool that is quite effective for vBulletin is Spam-o-Matic (I believe it's called that) and can be found at the vBulletin mods forums. It's free and checks new registrations against an active known database of spammers. Those that passed the test should be able to post pics and links, but you'll still have the occasional spammer get past.

As far as posting/uploading pics, I do not allow uploading because I want to keep costs down by limited bandwidth. Storage is cheap, but bandwidth (the "size" of the data/pics transferring to the site's servers) is not. You can post your pics on Photobucket, Picasa or any other service, and then reference the URL for the pic (once that is allowed for noobs).
I think the point were trying to make is we have live moderators on this site that can and do a very good job of handling spammers. We feel that they do a much better job then any software.