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    Default Pavers over portion of Leach field?

    I have a septic system at my home. I live on a hillside. The leach field is under part of the front garden and some of my front drive, which is concrete. (done by previous owner). I want to take out the concrete and put in pavers, or pavers and gravel, something more appealing than concrete....my husband is worried about the impact on the leach lines, of which I think most of are in the garden border before the drive. Any ideas for how to deal with this issue?


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    Default Re: Pavers over portion of Leach field?

    Evaporation is important to the proper functioning of the leach field. The concrete is definitely a no-no, in fact driving over the leach field will compact the soil making it unable to evaporate. Using pavers, you have the possibility of crushing the leach pipes (or structure, depending on type of leach field).

    You should have no hard surfaces over your leach field. Grass is the best possible ground cover; trees and shrubbery roots can infiltrate the leach lines and block them.

    If you've been driving over it, it's possible your leach field may already be damaged. A certified septic inspector (not necessarily an installer) will be able to give you the most qualified advice.
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