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    Default Replacing Storm Windows with Screens

    My wife and I are buying a house, vintage 1954, that still has the original windows. They are in fine shape but we want to get rid of the storm windows and screens entirely. They are just ugly and the ones on there now are barely operational.

    However we still need screens in the windows. Is there such a thing as off-the-shelf full window exterior screens that can be added to existing older windows? I'm guessing the frame dimensions are pretty standard. Those do-it-yourself kits just seem to be pretty shoddy and I have a lot of windows to tackle.
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    Default Re: Replacing Storm Windows with Screens

    There are no off the shelf screens that I am aware of, particularly for a home of that age. I would have a glass and screen shop come over and measure everything up and make the screens for you. They will hang them too. It shouldn't be all that expensive. Get quotes first.
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