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    I'm installing a wall oven. The directions don't call for any venting from the wall oven enclosure. I trust the instructions, but would still like to know why not. That oven gets rather hot in that box. Any takers?

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    Unless the installation instructions call for venting then there is no need for any, as they vent out the front. There usually are bottom, side and top spacing requirements and something to keep them from tipping over, but that's about it.

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    A built in oven, unlike a stove/cooking top/range, is an enclosed unit, and there is no way to attach a vent onto it. That's why it vents from the sides or the front and into the kitchen.

    About the hot oven exterior: that's normal operation, just be careful when you have to touch it.

    You can also call the mfg's customer center and find out.

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