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    The exterior face of my brick home is painted - I don't know why someone would paint brick (I purchased the home this way). I have considered hiring someone to sandblast but I have heard this will destroy the brick. I also considered re-painting the face of the house only but I think it looks odd (just the face being painted) and I don't want to paint the entire house. Does anyone have any suggestions on a paint remover? Although, I have heard the gel products are best but I have also heard that brick is very porous so removing with any type of paint removers will be extremely time consuming. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    As a sub contractor I use Back to Nature ( tough to Strip )remover it has proformed very well for removing paint coatings from stucco and brick.
    For the brick surface it would require two applications the first has to be hand sc****d than apply the second coat and pressure wash.
    Order a sample to try to make sure it's works on the paint and check the results.
    The cost of this material is high I pay $ 320.00 per 5 Gal. pail.
    Estimate $.50 per Sq/Ft for material

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