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    Default greenboard vs paperless sheetrock

    Am replacing walls in a bathroom last done 45+ years ago. There will be cement board in tub area and 4' up on other walls. Should we use greenboard or paperless sheetrock on remaining area? Have read pros & cons that say paperless more money but is mold & moisture resistant. Live in MA. Thanks for input.

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    Default Re: greenboard vs paperless sheetrock

    Done correctly, green board in the spots you mentioned will work.

    The key in every bathroom is ventilation, window or fan. Using ventilation will stop mold from becoming an issue.

    Remember not to install green board in the ceiling.

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    Default Re: greenboard vs paperless sheetrock

    Proper bathroom waterproofing is more important than the selection of GB or paperless. Both drywall (all forms) and cement board (all types) are not waterproof. To prevent mold, control the water with proper waterproofing and adequate ventilation.

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