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    Default Cement wearing away in Driveway

    We had replaced our driveway with concrete in 2003. Soon after, it started to chip and peel away. What we eventually found out that the cement started to set to fast, so the contractor sprayed water on it- not a good thing to do. Can the repair I found in TOH help that- "How to renew concrete surfaces"?? Or will this just make the matter worse? Ive also heard that once it starts to wear away, it should just be replaced.

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    Default Re: Cement wearing away in Driveway

    How thick is the slab? How deep is the spalling? Was there rebar in the slab? Get a warranty?

    Have a local Pro look at the slab. If you are lucky you might get away with topping it with a pretty faux brick pattern or such. Those resurfacing guys have special materials made just for your type of repair.

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    Default Re: Cement wearing away in Driveway

    Concrete is one of those things that needs all the stars and the moons out there to align to get success.

    The ready mix, the concrete thickness, the prep work, the rebars, the temp, the water content, the way it's poured and set, did I mention weather...there are just so many variables.

    Sometimes it's not the concrete guys' fault, and sometimes the concrete breaks down, like in your case. But generally, concrete does crack.

    The repair method you've seen, may or may not work for you. Usually, a thin topper will not last very long, will crack and crumble rather easily and quickly. Sometimes it will last long. Unfortunately, that's what you're dealing with.

    Talking with a local seasoned concrete man may yield some answers, you never know. However, if the situation gets really bad, it could be time to replace the driveway, or portions of it.

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