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    Default Porch floor replacement

    My family has a hunting cabin built by my grandfather in 1921. Visited by Chas. Lindburgh in 1927. Porch is 10 x 40 ft. Original floor is oiled tongue and groove wood and needs replacement. Not sure of the type of wood, probably pine. I would rather not have to paint the new floor but like the tongue and groove style. What are the options for type of wood? Needs to be durable. Porch has a roof but open on three sides.

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    T&G mahogany, Spanish Cedar or Ipe. They will all last longer than you or me. And all look great oiled. Sp. Cedar is quite soft, and will wear much faster than mahog. Ipe's the hardest of any wood, so hard the nails must be pre-drilled, and the costliest of the three.
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