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    Default Removing Linoleum Tiles - Tar Paper?

    We are removing the old linoleum floors from the 1910 victorian we just bought and ran into a problem with part of the floor. In one room, there is what seems to be about 1/8" thick tar paper, or some type of thick, fibrous material glued down between the hardwood underneath and the tiles we took out. Any advice on how to remove the tar paper? We've tried mineral spirits & paint thinner w/ no luck. A heat gun works, but is quite laborious and we are worried about the fumes. Plus it sets off the smoke detectors every few minutes. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Removing Linoleum Tiles - Tar Paper?

    I had the same thing in my 1910 kitchen. I basically just used elbow grease and sc****d for two weeks, until my arm wanted to fall off. I won't sugar-coat it, it was very labor intensive, but looks FANTASTIC!
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    Default Re: Removing Linoleum Tiles - Tar Paper?

    That is what is known a "cut-back", and there are solvents available to aid it removing it. Go to a flooring supplier who deals with contractors, NOT a big box store or general retail outlet. A contractors supply will have cut-back remover and be able to tell you how to use it (in addition to reading the label ). It doesn't take blood, sweat, or tears to deal with it if you use the right products.
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