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    Default Basement Shower Drain Leaking

    A few years ago we had our basement bathroom re-done. We hired a contractor, recommended by a friend, which turned out to be a mistake.

    However, after the project was finally completed, we were happy until recently.

    For the project we purchased a Lasco Bathware shower insert. This worked fine, but we did not know that the contractor apparently did not know how to properly install the drain. The floor had a roughed-in drain in the concrete floor. It looks like they took out the drain cover and stuck a piece of pipe into it to form the connection from the shower pan/base to the drain. To make it worse, the drain hole, in the pan/base did not line-up with the floor drain. So they used an off-set drain to make it fit. I think that helped cause the drain to eventually leak.

    Now, a few years later, the drain is leaking, under the pan/base and out into the bathroom. Not too bad, but annoying and I'm worried about mold forming.

    Lasco Bathware, now Aquatic Industries, told me that the only way to fix this was to pull the unit out. This is a very small bathroom and pulling the unit out would be very difficult without a lot of demo to the rest of the bathroom.

    "It depends on the location of the leak, and how much access is required. If its an area underneath the unit that requires access, then there is no alternative but to pull the unit to gain access, considering that its sitting on a concrete slab."

    I guess my interest in contacting you is to verify that Lasco's solution is the only real solution and to see if the your show could provide a list of 'competent' contractors, in my area, that could be trusted to resolve this issue.

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    Default Re: Basement Shower Drain Leaking

    Yes they are correct, you need to remove the pan to correct the plumbing under the pan. Well you can tunnel underneath I guess, but that would be a tad impractical.

    Pre-formed pans seem like a good idea but fail due to reasons like this as well as damage right outside the pan where waterproofing is often skipped.

    You'll fare well by heading on over to the John Bridge Tile forum or the Terry Love plumbing forum to get specific advice and be able to post pictures of your particular dilemma.

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