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    Default No tub hot water in condo bldg

    I hope someone can help me here. We have no hot water (only a trickle) coming from our bathtub. The cold works fine and the other faucets work okay. Water pressure has always been an issue in the bldg (40 years old), but not having any water. I talked to my neighbor and she said she has the exact same problem but our units do not face each other in any way. She said she was told the pipes in the bldg need replacing and it will never happen because it costs too much. Is there anything I can do? I live on the 4th floor of a 4 story bldg. There are 36 units and from what I've seen of the hot water heater, it looks too small, like one that would be in someone's home.

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    Default Re: No tub hot water in condo bldg

    I would discuss options with a lawyer. Also take another look at your lease to see if anything applies to this. For you it may be worth it to talk to someone at the local health department. I'm pretty sure this is a requirement. There are also options like point of use water heaters that can be easily installed for things like faucets or you can look into point of use electrical heater for the shower supply.
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    This issue illustrates one of the major fault in condo ownership.

    When the association collects HOA fees, they don't save the money for a rainy day. They spend it on office coffee and donuts, office and travel expenses, etc.

    Now that they need to fix the plumbing, they'll look for ways to raise the monthly fee...

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