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    Default Range hood duct work

    Bought a new stove, removed existing microwave hood and the cabinet above it. The existing duct work is oval, opening is 6" wide by 3.5". My new hood requires 6" round. I went to local hardware store, bought a 6" oval to 6" round universal boot- doesn't fit. The oval opening on this boot is actually 7-8" wide opening. Not sure why they call it a 6", but it's wider. Looking for easy fix to use existing ductwork. I live in a town home, duct is running thru shared party wall. Im limited to what I can do without cutting into walls/ ceiling.

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    Default Re: Range hood duct work

    When it comes to vents and products like that, accurate measurments are required. If you need the oval side of this adaptor to be 6 x 3.5, then whatever size you found will not fit.

    If that's all they had at the store you visited, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    Go to other stores, shop on line, try a/c supply places too. it takes some leg work, getting on the phone or on line - a lot of searching. That's what professional contractors do everyday and seldom get appreciated for all the time they spend looking for parts.

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    Default Re: Range hood duct work

    The oval your talking about is called oval because of the shape , 6" oval will carry the same amount of air as 6" round but the oval will be wider than the 6", (obviously). I did a bit of research and found that to get an amount of CFMs through oval that would be equal to 6" round the actual measurement would be 10x3.5, while the 7-8 you have will only carry 65-75 CFMs, this is because there is more friction loss with oval, 6" round will carry 100 CFMs.

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