Recently, all the trim in our home was stripped, and now it all needs to be repainted. To speed up this step, we have decided to spray them. This will take a lot of masking, yes, but we feel it will be less time than hand painting primer and finish coat on everything with (hopefully) a better result.

A conversion gun seems to make the most sense to us, so that we can use the compressor for other projects as well. It is unlikely we will have need for a super powerful compressor in the future, so we were considering a lvlp spray gun (since it is compatible with smaller compressors).

We are experienced diy-ers, but spraying is relatively new to us, so if there are suggestions for the easiest to use gun, they would be much appreciated! (For further info, we plan to also spray cabinets and doors in the future, but are just going to roll ceilings and walls).