On one corner of my brick house,the brick is actually splitting away from each other, mostly in a step fashion along the mortar, but a couple of the bricks have actually been split in half now. At this point the brick split is about and inch to an inch and a half and now the split seems to be spreading.
When I went to take pictures of the split i noticed tiny splits all along one side of my house.

I had noticed the split a long time ago and was told "not to worry about it" but now I am worried about it because it has not only gotten much worse than it was but is now spreading.

I live in a one story brick house, no basement, built in the early 80's. My husband seems to think the reason for the split is because the person who built the house neglected to add the metal ties within the brick in order to save time or money or both. I looked this up and it is against building code but the builder is apparently deceased now anyway. My mother seems to think that it is a foundation problem

I have no idea what is wrong, what to do, or who to call to fix this. Has anyone heard of this before? What can I do?