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    Default Time to repaint the house - Boston area

    Time to repaint the house, but before starting a few questions:

    - I believe my siding is cedar. Some of it needs to be replaced due to splitting, curved boards, rotting, etc. What type of cedar is recommended - red or white? Or is either ok, and it is just a price issue?

    I expect that whatever I get, I will get it pre-primed.

    - To date the siding has been stained. In general, it has held up well. I recently had an estimate from a local group to repaint the house. I was told that after many years, the wood siding can no longer absorb the stain, that I should now paint the house. Does this make any sense? I've never heard anything like this before.


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    Default Re: Time to repaint the house - Boston area

    Sounds like you have a full body stain on it if you are getting preprimed siding. If this is the case the the type of cedar I dont believe matters. I dont understand why the wood would be to old to accept the stain unless they were talking about a semi transparent or transparent stain where it would not accept it in a even manner. I have bid on houses where the home owner thought the stain had held up, but in my opinion they had let it go way to long and damage had been done to the wood. If this is the case, a hard pressure wash is needed and I recomend a good oil primer and latex paint. Excluding many other factors I believe you will find that it last longer and will have less rot and splitting. When buying the new boards make sure they are dry before they are painted and or stained. Not by feel, but using a moisture meter.

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